Louise Weston » Welcome to Spanish!

Welcome to Spanish!

My name is Louise Weston and I am excited to be joining Loomis Grammar and Loomis school district to teach Spanish.

I have been teaching Spanish for the past 2 ½ years at Sierra Elementary in Rocklin and was a multi subject, multi grade substitute for a year before that. Prior to teaching Spanish here in California, I was teaching English in an immersion public school in Villabilla, a small town near Madrid, Spain, where our home is. I must admit to being British by birth and language though I have lived in quite a few countries before marrying my husband and settling in Spain for 13 years prior to our transfer to California.


My husband’s company moved us here at the end of 2013 and we have all been working hard to discover all we can about our new area. My sons both attend Eich Middle school in Roseville and participate in the heritage Spanish speaking program as they have the incredible fortune of growing up bilingual (or trilingual if you include British and American English as being distinct!). They both consider themselves Spanish and then British but we all really appreciate everything that our new environment has to offer as they are involved in many sports including soccer, rugby, skiing and wrestling (my 8th grader) and gymnastics (my 6th grader) and other extracurricular activities that keep them, and therefore their parents, busy.


We expect to be here for many years and I fully intend to remain at Loomis Grammar for as long as possible. I love being able to help students learn my languages and all about different cultures of the world.