Box Tops

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Ms. Spangler's class is December's winner for most Box Tops!
Mrs Hupp's class is September's winner for most Box Tops! 
Week 20: Mrs. Acosta's Class
Week 19: Ms. Allison's Class
Week 18: Mrs. Chaffee's Class
Week 17: Ms. Allison's Class
Week 16: Mrs. McCormick's Class
Week 15:  Ms. Allison's Class
Week 14: Ms. Spangler's Class
Week 13: Mrs. Tuckers Class
Week 11: Mrs. Blackwood's Class
Week 10: Mrs. Brizendine's Class
Week 9: Front Office
Week 8: Mrs. Marovich's Class
Week 7: Mrs. Dallosta's Class
Week 6: Mrs Allbaugh's class
Week 5: Mrs. Tverberg's Class
Week 4: Mrs. Wade's class with 92 Box Tops
Week 3: Mrs. Chaffee's class
Week 2: Mrs. Tverberg's class with 358 Box Tops
Week 1: Mrs Hupp's class