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Fun in Florida with Family

I began teaching in Loomis in 2018. After being a stay at home mom for eleven years, I decided go back to teaching. When I taught high school English before children, I realized that I was drawn to the students that did not fit into "the box." I became more passionate about this groups of gifted in many areas but struggling in school students because I faced the journey of assessment and qualification for an individual education plan (IEP) with two of my own children. I believe that all students have strengths and gifts to offer the world but sometimes school doesn't let those gifts shine through. I see my job to help support the places that are hard, to help create a way for each student to be successful and a part of the general education class. I seek to collaborate closely with the general education teachers to help provide a path for success and help students see what their strengths and gifts are. I am thrilled to work with an amazing staff at Loomis Grammar whose hearts are passionate about building relationship, strong tier 1 and tier 2 scaffolds for academics and behavior, and welcoming to all students. To the students and families on my caseload, I am honored to service you; and I am so proud of each and every step that you take. I am excited to see how each of you will change this world to create a better place. 
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Tara Thornton
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